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Weekly OPR (Online Progress Report) summary of the progress of the campaign strategy date to date is generated for our clients which is provided on weekly basis so our respective client can monitor digital marketing campaigns progress.

Markers Monkey OPR measures our success on Facts & Figures.

Parameters of OPR analysis.

Content Writing Checkup – bounce back frequency and number of visitors is maximum time reflection of page content quality. Actually relevant and interesting content can only attract traffic. So we provide assistance in creating relevant content to our clients for their business.


Online Visitors Report- direct visitors (Organic) or campaign visitors (Inorganic)visitors, number of mobile users or desktop users visited client’s page. Sometimes sudden fall in visitors can be a red flag of loss of a strong inbound link

Client’s Competitors Analysis– Better than the best is continuous ongoing process in Markers Monkey work culture. To make our client’s campaigns and branding more efficient we also keep an eye on their local and global Competitors activities. Competitor campaigns must be monitored to get SEO up gradation, close gaps analysis.

Google Analytics Audit – Google is best platform to run internet based marketing and campaigning’s so time to time its analysis is mandatory. On regular basis Google changes its algorithms so a keen monitoring and relevant changes in our client’s online presence is mandatory to win the race. Google Analytics is free, but very complicated. Markers Monkey.Com works on Google analytics and this audit report is very significant in client’s digital marketing campaigns

Backlink analysis – backlink quantity and quality is another parameter of success in off-site SEO activity

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